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          Axialfest 2018 Rock Racing And Altra Ultra 5K Results

          By AR on Aug 17, 2018

          The Rock Racing event at Axialfest is a fast paced and challenging race open to anyone who attends Axialfest. Many prep their rigs specifically for the event and others just arrive for fun. Racers stage in each class for qualifying … more

          ALTRA RUNNING SHOES – Official Sponsor of AXIALFEST 2018

          By AR on Jun 25, 2018

          Axial is proud to welcome Altra Footwear back for their 3rd year, returning as the title sponsor for the Altra Ultra 5k Enduro and as the official shoe of RC! After an amazing year one, Altra is excited to return … more

          Overland Expo West 2018

          By AR on Jun 08, 2018

          If you are into adventure travel, vehicle based camping or exploring the farthest reaches of this little blue planet, then Overland Expo is a must attend event. Each May, tens of thousands of people converge on the humble community of … more

          AXIALFEST 2018 Registration to open March 1st, 2018

          By AR on Jan 19, 2018

          Registration to open March 1st, 2018 First, just because we’ve posted something about AXIALFEST, it doesn’t mean the floodgates have opened. DO NOT CALL CISCO GROVE CAMPGROUND PLEASE!!! This is purely an announcement that registration for AXIALFEST 2018 will open … more

          Axialfest 2018 – Get Ready

          By AR on Jan 04, 2018

          Since?July?2017, Axial drivers across the globe have been waiting for a certain announcement; the dates for Axialfest 2018. Those dates have been released and officially Axialfest 2018 will be held July 18-21st; so hit those calendar apps and save those … more

          Inside the Largest TTC Event – 2017 Team KNK Hardware TTC 4

          By AR on Dec 19, 2017

          2017 TEAM KNK HARDWARE TTC 4 Lebanon, Ohio June 1st – 4th, 2017 How did this?sleepy country neighborhood event become the second largest scale trail event in the US of A and the largest TTC event? $20,000 in prizes Attendees … more

          Jeeping with EctoVentures in Johnson Valley

          By Randall Davis on Nov 17, 2017

          We were fortunate to be able to set up our base camp at the Lasernut Compound for the weekend which made for a great meeting spot. Our plan was to check out a new event called Rocktober taking place in … more

          The Perfect Fit: SORRCA Class 1 Ready SCX10 / SCX10 II | PART 5: BED

          By AR on Nov 13, 2017

          Throughout this series, we discussed how the out of the box?2000 Jeep? Cherokee 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD – RTR?and?2000 Jeep? Cherokee 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD – Kit?fit within SORRCA guidlines right out of the box with no additional work on … more

          The Perfect Fit: SORRCA Class 1 Ready SCX10 / SCX10 II | PART 2: EXTERNAL ACCESSORIES

          By AR on Nov 07, 2017

          In part two of our SCX10 and SCX10 II SORRCA fitment guide, we’re going to talk external accessories. These are the scale items that are on the outside of the truck that enhance the scale look of the machine like … more

          50th BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 1000 – The History

          By AR on Oct 19, 2017

          Article Credit: SCORE??International Photos By:?getsomephoto.com As we take our Axial Yeti? SCORE? Trophy Trucks? out to play day after day, this year, above all others, we should stop for a minute to take a look at how the truck came … more