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          Axial Papercraft Vehicle Kit Boxes

          By Axial Staff on Oct 21, 2015

          Being the die-hard Axial fan that you are, a while back you may have noticed the Papercraft Accessories blog that was posted up just before the RECON?G6 B-Day II Scale event. Within the post you’ll find gas cans, pieces of … more

          Axle and Suspension Designs Explained

          By AR on Jun 29, 2015

          Axial Racing vehicles are patterned after full-size off-road vehicles, and at Axial, scale realism is more than skin deep. That means that Axial’s RC models are more than just realistic bodies on top of universal or generic platforms. The SCX10, … more

          Gearing for Speed

          By AR on May 13, 2015

          The Yeti, Yeti XL and EXO Terra Buggy all have one thing in common. All three are built to be able to go fast, and the thing about speed is you always want more. Many factors contribute to how fast … more

          Project Wrexo – Bender’s Latest Custom Build

          By Axial Staff on Jan 30, 2013

          Now that Axial is the official R/C company of Ultra 4 Racing, I figured it was time to build a proper Ultra 4 R/C vehicle. If you are not familiar with Ultra 4 Racing it basically combines low speed “rock … more

          Exo Terra Sand Buggy – 2WD Conversion

          By Axial Staff on Nov 30, 2012

          Axial Exo Sand Buggy When the Axial EXO was first announced I found myself going back to the web page over and over again just to look at it. Axial really nailed scale appearance with this rig and I knew … more

          Brandon’s Axial EXO RTR Terra Buggy goes Baja Bug!

          By Axial Staff on Aug 21, 2012

          The Axial EXO Terra Buggy stands out due is its unique looks and construction.? The integrated cage and multi-piece body seperates it from the norm, eliminating the standard body posts and bouncy lexan body found on most RC’s.? So what … more

          Axial EXO on the cover of Velocity RC Magazine

          By Axial Staff on Jul 17, 2012

          Axial’s EXO Terra Buggy made the cover of Velocity RC Magazine this month. Be sure to pick-up a copy to get the low down on this build. Link: http://store.payloadz.com/details/1036765-ebooks-automotive-vrc-magazine_002.html


          EXO Terra Buggy Build Tips: Motor Mount

          By AR on Mar 21, 2012

          The Axial EXO Terra buggy includes a very unique motor mount.? The adjustable mesh screw and the dovetail groove are both unique designs for ease of adjustment and maximum holding strength with minimal effort. Lets go over the basic installation … more

          Axial EXO Status

          By Axial Staff on Feb 09, 2012

          Dear Axial fans, enthusiasts and potential customers,

          We wish to express our sincerest apology for the delay of the AX90015 Axial EXO? Terra Buggy. We are working very closely with our global distribution partners in ensuring the EXO reaches retailers by March 13, 2012. At Axial, we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards possible. Our decision to delay the delivery of the EXO to market was made to assure you get the best brand experience possible. … more

          Birth of the EXO Terra Buggy

          By AR on Dec 11, 2011

          The Wraith? gave Axial it’s first taste of speed, and while speed was not the total pursuit principle of the Wraith, we still sought after more. Axial’s R&D team started with a clean slate and took an in depth look … more