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          Axialfest 2018 Skeeno Report Part 2

          By AR on Aug 24, 2018

          In Part 1 of the Axialfest 2018 Skeeno Report, I showed you the sights and sounds of Day 1, or Wednesday, at Axialfest 2018.? This is Part 2, and I will be recapping my Thursday at Axialfest 2018 where I … more

          Keep Track Of Your Packs On The Trail

          By AR on Jun 28, 2018

          It’s getting close! As of the time we’re writing this blog, Axialfest 2018 is only a few weeks away and that means attendees are kicking their builds and prep into overdrive to be ready for the epic weekend of off-road … more

          Skeeno’s Axialfest 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Build

          By AR on May 16, 2018

          After AXIALFEST2017, I started thinking that I needed to update my trailing rig.? Last year, I built a new racer for for the Altra Ultra 5K Enduro, but I needed something new to run on all the trials at AXIALFEST2018. … more

          Suspension Link Types Explained

          By AR on Apr 04, 2018

          There is no shortage of suspension design types in the RC world, but for trail trucks and other off-road adventure vehicles, one of the most preferred suspension styles is the link type. Links are typically a long fixed plastic bar … more

          Pick The Right Axial Model For You

          By AR on Mar 23, 2018

          Axial is a company of enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Axial develops extremely high end radio control models of vehicles that you are likely to see in the great outdoors. These models are designed to generate a tremendous amount of reliable fun … more

          mAh Per Mile – The Quest To Determine Run Time

          By AR on Dec 26, 2017

          If you’ve ever sat around the campfire at an RC event or perhaps camped out with some buddies on an epic multi-day RC trail adventure, you may have heard the tale of “mAh Per Mile.” As the tale goes, a … more

          Axial Radio System Cheat Sheet

          By AR on Dec 18, 2017

          A radio control transmitter should be a device used to control the fun of your vehicle and never the device that controls you and scares you away from using your machine. The transmitters that come with Axial Ready To Run … more

          How To – Servo and Servo Horn Replacement

          By AR on Nov 18, 2017

          The steering system on a full-size off-road vehicle takes a lot of abuse. It is the same with RC. Whether you’re driving fast over bumps and jumps with an Yeti or crawling over rocks with an SCX10 II or doing … more

          Trail Time Never Ends – Installing LED’s For The Daylight Savings Switch

          By AR on Nov 03, 2017

          Two times a year something called Daylight Savings Time really messes with me and so many others. Sure there is a good side of some additional sleep in the Fall, but that kick back in Spring is really like a … more

          New To RC – Deadbolt Box To Backyard Guide

          By AR on Oct 30, 2017

          Starting your RC adventure is easy with any Axial ready to run kit. Here we’re going to show you just how easy it is. In only the time it takes to charge your battery, we’ll show you how to get … more